Why hasn’t my Financial Advisor ever told me about this?

Well several reasons - let's break them down... but first let's just say upfront what a Safe Money Retirement Account is.... Most people come up with fancy terms and fake names for what it really is, but I'm darn proud of what it is. Why?

Because I know if a CD or Mutual Fund or any other "investment vehicle" offered what I'm about to tell you, people would line up around the corner hoping to get one.

It's a Fixed-Index Annuity. Now before you run, give me a minute to address the two words in front of Annuity here, Fixed Index.

It's a whole new breed of annuity that can give you market like returns, but without the market risk. A traditional annuity that most of these talking heads refer to are the old kind of annuity that gets low returns, 3 or 4% (not bad compared to a CD though) and take control of your money. They promise you an income for life, but you lose access to what you invested.

Handy in some situations, but not most. This isn't that.. 

With a Fixed Index Annuity…

  • You can structure it to pay the least taxes by law. ( This is 100% legal if your account is set up correctly, the right structure is in place.
  • Your money has liquidity. (You have free access to a portion of your money and full access to the rest of it minus some charges "potentially" depending on how many years you have had it.
  • You can invest as much as you want. (there is no limit as long as it is suitable for your situation)
  • Your minimum interest rate is guaranteed. ( Each account has a guaranteed rate from 0% to 2% depending on your risk tolerance, but always a minimum of zero.)
  • You cannot lose money. (Every dime of your principal is guaranteed by the company holding it. No matter what the "Market" does - you will never have a down year.
  • You have flexibility. (You can choose when you start taking income and you can stop and start it whenever you want)
  • You will never outlive your income. (these contracts are designed for income - each account will show you how much income you will receive until death or until you close the account.
  • You can get market like returns with no risk to principal. (the account will track a particular index and be credited the interest as if it was in the index itself, but if the index is negative for the period, you still get your guaranteed rate or just 0%
  • And more...

And there are many more benefits to an account like this that is SETUP PROPERLY. Key point there.

But at this point, you may be asking...

Is It “Too Good To Be True”?

The answer is no. It’s very real.

In fact, an Account like a Crash Proof IRA is not a new investment strategy.

Accounts like these have been used by retirees and families for years to build, then pass on fortunes in an efficient manner.

BUT - up until recently they were more for slow and steady growth with more emphasis on what is called a "life annuity". This is where you trade a lump sum of money for a lifelong stream of income that lasts until you die or sometimes both you and your spouse. The problem is, you give up access to your money, but in exchange for a guaranteed stream of income.

Well - the new breed of annuities, called "Fixed Index", let you tie your investment to an index like the S&P 500 for example, so it can get market like returns instead of the typical 3-4% fixed rates. The best part is since these funds aren't actually 'in the index', but just tracking it - the issuing company can guarantee that you will never lose a dime!

Even the world renowned author Tony Robbins changed his tune when researching for his book "Money, Master the Game". (we will send you the part about FIA's later).

Most people at this point are asking themselves, "then why do annuities get a bad name?". We don't know, but here are a few possible reasons....

Reason 1: Most financial advisors don’t know that an account like this exists. They've just been taught all annuities are bad and that's it.

Reason 2: Most financial advisors recommend financial vehicles that the company they've contracted with…

Reason 3: They want to keep control of your money so they can "move it around" and get transaction fees or % of your account value on top of the fees the investment vehicle charges.

As a result, very few Americans have what we call an "Income Efficient" account set up—while more than half the population has a taxable 401(k) or similar tax-deferred retirement account like an IRA.

The really cool part is, it's a binding contract between the holder and a top rated insurance company that is unchangeable (unlike tax-deferred or other retirement accounts like a ROTH IRA where the government can change it on a whim).

The only question now is...

Do You Qualify For A Fixed Index Annuity?

This account is NOT available only to the super-rich…

However: an account like this can only be technically set up if it is appropriate for you or your family. There are strict guidelines called "Suitability". After applying, the issuing company must make sure the recommended contract is appropriate for your situation even if your advisor thinks so.

It's a safeguard to protect you even further
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